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"Stephen showed me how vital it is to tap into my feelings, rather than my mind."  Jannah

"Stephen knows his craft and is an amazing, caring facilitator."  - Robert

"The (Language of the Soul) course is testament to the fact that what we think becomes our reality.  It fundamentally shifted my view of my world.  As a result, my reality shifted massively at the same time."  Linda Murray

"Energy healing is something I believe in.  When I can, I see my friend Stephen Bishop in Sydney and have my chakras aligned and my energy re-balanced.  Instantly I feel a difference." Miranda Kerr (Extracted from Good Health Magazine, March 2010, p.14)

I have experienced many 'light bulb' moments and energetic shifts throughout the weeks of this wonderful course. The tools Stephen has generously taught us have been and will continue to help me on my journey of self discovery and empowerment.  Susan Way

Stephen taught me to have so much trust in my psychic senses that I now confidently rely on them to guide every aspect of my life, as well as to provide inspired insight to others in need.  JT 

These courses have exceeded my expectations in terms of personal benefit for time invested. Great teaching style Stephen. You are warm, sincere, caring and real. Thanks for the guided trip through inner space!  Tony Whiteman 

A very powerful life changing experience!  CG 

Studying energetic healing with Stephen transformed my natural therapies practice and elevated both my healing skills and my business to a profound new level of success.  RG 

I feel blessed to have been guided to Stephen. With his help I was able to step off the treadmill of a soul-destroying job and discover my dream career.   I am on track again with my heart and soul serving as my guideposts.   These courses are brilliant for anyone wanting to stop making head decisions and start making heart choices! Margaret

Powerful, insightful, soulful learning in a supportive atmosphere. Profoundly beneficial, this course is an exhilarating life changer!  Name withheld 


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