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Are you looking for a deeper connection ?

Hello and welcome to the ICOHM website.

Thanks for referencing the site. There is much more to come of course. As with everything there is always more.

You may have been wondering about the new look. Well as all the courses are gone (for now) and the teachers have moved onto bigger and better things it is just me for now.

I am still seeing people one on one basis (for now it is one to one only) at 277 Annandale Rd, ANNANDALE.

My phone number is the same that is 0414 893 963

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Stephen Bishop

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"Energy healing is something I believe in.  When I can, I see my friend Stephen Bishop in Sydney and have my chakras aligned and my energy re-balanced.  Instantly I feel a difference."

Miranda Kerr

(Extracted from Good Health Magazine, March 2010, p.14)

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